Why Buy Life Insurance?


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You might need life insurance for many reasons. First, having a life insurance policy provides you with peace of mind. You can know that if you were to die unexpectedly, there would be money to help your family get through those early months or first few years without you. Second, having a life insurance policy is a chance to make real dollars available for your surviving spouse should they be left to take care of the family. Having life insurance will ensure your family will

continue to live as well as possible after your death. At present, funeral expenses average about $17,000. How would your family cope if you were to pass away suddenly in an accident? If you do not know the answer to that question, then it is time to start thinking seriously about getting a life insurance policy. If you have a child or young children still at home, you will definitely want to have life insurance. If you are the main wage earner in your household, you will want to have life insurance. If you are a single mother raising a family on your own, you will certainly want to have it. Even if you are a stay-at-home mother, you will want to have life insurance.

A recent survey for a top life insurance company valued a stay-at-home mother’s annual “salary” at over $117,000. This is what they calculated it would cost if a husband were widowed and needed to pay for all the chores that a stay-at-home mother performs in terms of childcare and housekeeping. This figure says nothing, of course, about the devastating emotional gap that the loss of a spouse can leave behind. Why make things even tougher on your family by leaving money worries behind as well? If you want your family to be as well off as possible if you were to leave them suddenly, then read on to get started shopping around for the right insurance policy for you, one that you can afford, that will pay well for your family that will have to cope in the event of your death.